Hardening for New Server

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Server Hardening for New Server

Security Hardening of servers which are being prepared to be deployed to a production environment.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Linux – Cloudlinux OS, Debian 7 and 8 All versions, Ubuntu Server 14 and 15 , CentOS 7
  • BSD – All Distros of OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD

Environment Support - All Shared/Dedicated Hosting Environments.

Hosting Control Panels Supported - cPanel , Odin Plesk, DirectAdmin, Interworx, ISPConfig, and Standalone servers.

Security Tasks Included

  • Update kernel to latest stable version and patch for vulnerabilities or exploits
  • Disk Partitioning and enforcing Disk Quotas
  • Configuring Package Managers and Repositories
  • Disabling unused Protocols
  • Eliminating unused services
  • Minimising Open Network Ports
  • Securing Binaries
  • Securing Key Files and Configuration Files
  • Setting and Enforcing Password Policies
  • Limiting Root/SuperUser Privileges
  • Warning Banners for enforcing security policies
  • Implementing Firewall Protection
  • Configuring TCPWrappers
  • Enabling System Logging, Auditing and log rotation
  • System Accounting using auditd
  • Configuring Backups
  • Implement Integrity checking Software
  • Disabling X window system
  • Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Implementing Linux Socket Monitor
  • Configuring SeLinux for enhanced Security
  • Implementing AntiVirus Protection
  • TCP/IP stack hardening in Linux kernel using sysctl
  • Webserver Hardening – Apache 2.X, Nginx 1.X, Lighttpd 1.X & Litespeed, PHP, CGI, DDoS & Outbound SPAM protection
  • Mail Server Hardening – Postfix, Exim, QMail, Courier, Dovecot, Zimbra
  • Database Server Hardening – MySQL, PostGreSQL, MariaDB
  • SSH Server Hardening
  • FTP Server Hardening – ProFTPd, Pure-FTPd, VSFTPD
  • Control Panel Hardening – Hosting Control Panel, Webmail, Statistics
  • Enable Encryption for critical services

Comes with our standard high level of support:

  • 24/7 Support Via Chat and Ticket System

"Every organisation should have a hardened Windows build standard, a hardened Linux build standard, a hardened SQL Server / Oracle database build standard, a hardened firewall standard etc."

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Parallels Plesk Panel
Parallels Plesk Panel

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