Realtime File Upload Scanner

Realtime File Upload Scanner for cPanel

Our Realtime File Upload Scanner for cPanel enables you to monitor all files uploaded via http / ftp to your website. The majority of hackers use exploits like PHP Shells uploaded to your website using php forms / php vulnerabilities and further exploit your server to gain root access. This cPanel Plugin, however, renders these attempts futile and saves you from a possible hack.

Real time scanning of all HTTP and FTP uploads using ClamAV and reject automatically if a Virus file is found. Monitors all HTTP uploads:

  • IP address of the uploader and uploading time
  • Script used to upload the file
  • Upload file name and the location of upload
  • Results of ClamAV scanning
  • Enable email alert when a file is blocked while uploading through FTP / HTTP - To actively warn users and to prevent any script vulnerability
  • Enable automatic IP blocking using csf / apf / IPTABLES (whichever is installed) when a file has been blocked while uploading through FTP and HTTP.

Option to automatically reject the file which is having a specific extension is available to the customer. If an upload using http is identified as vulnerable, the software disables the same.

Monitor all FTP uploads and logs all upload in the plugin with the information below:

  • IP address of the uploader and uploading time
  • Username of the uploader
  • Uploaded file name and size
  • Result of ClamAV scanning

If an upload using FTP is identified, the uploaded file is deleted and no errors are shown to the uploader. However, the uploader will not be able to find the file in its location.

Alternatively, the Plugin also enables you to use ClamAV scanning on selected cPanel accounts or as an entire Server. You also have the option to view the scanning status at a later date.

Also come with our standard high level of support:

  • Free Installation
  • 24/7 Support Via Chat and Ticket System
File Upload Scanner

" We have several web applications. Where developers have access to upload files. I need to ensure FTP part is Secure enough."

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