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gDNS Clustering Tools - Cross Platform & Panel

Our gDNS allows you to take control of your DNS Clustering environment. A first of its kind and the only one of its kind, gDNS enables cross control panel and cross platform (clustering Linux and Windows servers) clustering while smoothly integrating the power of DNSSEC security into the mix. Though many were introduced to gDNS as the very first stand-alone DNS clustering solution for Plesk, gDNS 2.0.0 is the very first cross platform, cross control panel solution with the added option for users to add fail over controllers, which helps ensure added efficiency. With 4 different editions, gDNS lets you choose the right solution you need.

gDNS Controller Server - the centralised server which receives DNS records from your cPanel and Plesk servers, and pushes DNS records to additional common DNS servers you may be using for all the domains hosted in your network.

gDNS Transfer Cluster - The Transfer Cluster consists of DNS servers pushing zone records to the controller. These can be cPanel or Plesk (Linux) servers.

gDNS Edge Cluster - The Edge Cluster consists of DNS servers to which the Controller Server pushes zone records.

  • Cluster cPanel and Plesk Servers together. Even use the gDNS to make your new Plesk Server DNS Cluster.
  • A Cloud ready Solution
  • Creation of a tertiary DNS is just a few clicks away
  • Cluster as many production servers as you want on the go
  • Completely Plug and Play Solution with customised Interface for cPanel, Plesk and the gDNS Controller.
  • Cross control panel solution - customise to support any control panel, or even a standalone server.
  • Cross platform solution - supports clustering of Windows and Linux servers.
  • Integrated DNSSEC security.
  • Options to add Failover controllers.
  • 24/7 Support Via Live Chat or Support Ticket
  • Free Installation
gDNS Clustering Screen

"A DNS cluster is a number of nameservers that share records. This allows you to physically separate your nameservers, so that in the event of, for instance, a power outage, you still have DNS functionality. This way, visitors can reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online."

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