Plesk DNSSEC Extension

DNSSEC Plugin for cPanel

Our DNSSEC cPanel WHM Plugin is out and since this comes under PCI Compliance, we believe this is essential to many who are concerned with PCI compliance and security.

A records, MX records etc are all part of the DNS records. Hackers may try to spoof these records and have any DNS query redirected to the wrong domain. DNSSEC is a security feature where the DNS records like A record, etc are encrypted. When a DNS query is made the DNS information is revealed through decryption via DNSSEC keys.

This process is very tedious if done manually with each record in a DNS zone file needing to be signed. Our DNSSEC extension for cPanel streamlines this process making it easy to manage.

Standard Edition - not for cPanel DNS clusters

  • Sign/Un-sign/Re-sign a single zone
  • Sign/Unsign multiple zones
  • Automatically resign zones when changes are detected
  • Automatically resign every zone periodically before key expires
  • Support for automatic pushing of signed zone records to slave
  • Reworked signing/unsigning algorithm
  • Free Installation
  • 24/7 Support via Chat and Ticket

Advanced Edition: for use with cPanel Clusters

Things to note – One Advanced edition license will allow you to install the WHM plugin and tracker daemon on a single server. The listener daemon is free to be downloaded and installed on as many machines as you want. However, it will not work without the tracker daemon running on at least one server in the cluster. If you have a custom setup of DNS cluster, we will have the set up customised for you.

  • In addition to Standard edition features includes support for cPanel DNS clustering
  • Has 3 components – WHM interface plugin, tracker daemon and listener daemon
DNSSEC cpanel Interface

"Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a suite of extensions that add security to the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol by enabling DNS responses to be validated. Specifically, DNSSEC provides origin authority, data integrity, and authenticated denial of existence."

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