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cPShield all-in-one Security Plugin for cPanel

Our cPShield plugin for cPanel/WHM brings together the best features of RKHunter, Linux Maldet, Advanced Policy Firewall(APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD) on a single comprehensive platform. Apart from the standard features of the individual modules, the additional features available are as follows:

  • Control features of the different modules from cPanel Interface: IP management, Port Management, View Logs, Conduct Basic Scan (which includes scanning for Rootkits and Scanning the Document Roots of all users for Malware).
  • Email notification on completion of scans
  • User-friendly interface to set the value for Advanced Policy Firewall directly from the plugin
  • User-friendly Port and IP management
  • Advanced access logs stored of login history for WHM root and resellers, SSH root & non-root logins. Searchable by username.
  • Update rootkit and malware signatures
  • Logs for daily and weekly Brute-force attack attempts
  • Clean-up or Quarantine Malware
  • Custom scan logs for Root kit and Malware scans
  • Set rootkit scans from the plugin’s interface as cron job.
  • 24/7 support via email or tickets
  • Free Installation
cPshield all in one security screen

"The most common form of BFD (brute force attack) is a dictionary attack. A malicious person who is trying to get access to one of your accounts (web server, ftp, e-mail, ssh, etc.) using a file containing dictionary words to attempt rapid logins. The dictionary file contains a list of usernames and/or passwords, and a script or program using the dictionary file to attempt rapid-fire logins against your server.

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