Bulk Password Changer

Bulk Password Changer for cPanel

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to change passwords of all the email accounts or cPanel accounts in your server?

Our Bulk Password Changer cPanel/WHM plugin allows you to change email passwords and account passwords simply and quickly in one easy action. It provides an easy to use WHM interface for mass password changes of cPanel accounts and email accounts. Essential if you are security conscious allowing regular password updates with the minimum of fuss. It is a life saving tool during hacks or spamming.

License is valid for one IP address / Server renewable monthly.

  • Change passwords of all email accounts on your server
  • Change password of all email accounts of selected domains
  • Change password of email accounts specified in a file
  • Change password of all cPanel accounts in your server
  • Change password of selected domains
  • Change password of cPanel accounts specified in a file
  • 24/7 Support via Email or Ticket
  • Free Support
Bulk Password Changer for cPanel Screen

"Although data breaches are out of your control, it's still imperative to create passwords that can withstand brute-force attacks and relentless frenemies. Avoiding both types of attacks is dependent on the complexity of your password.

Ideally, each of your passwords should be at least 16 characters, and contain a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and spaces. The password should be free of repetition, dictionary words, usernames, pronouns, IDs, and any other predefined number or letter sequences."

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