Bulk DNS TTL Changer for Plesk

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Bulk DNS TTL Changer for Plesk

Do you have to switch hosts, migrate domains, instantly change your mail server or switch IP addresses? You can change the TTL in the DNS zone files for all your domains and minimise DNS propagation delay.

Our Bulk DNS TTL changer allows you to change TTL values for multiple domains on a server simultaneously. Particularly useful during IP modifications or account migrations to make sure that the DNS information you change will take effect in the shortest possible time.

  • Change DNS TTL of all domains in your server
  • Change DNS TTL of selected domains
  • Ability to view the status of most recent TTL changes even after moving out of the plugin interface
  • Free Installation
Plesk Bulk DNS TTL Changer Interface

"TTL (Time To Live) - Generally, DNS propagation takes 24 to 48 hours to complete whenever any changes are made to the Zone File. Lowering the TTL prior to making the change will reduce the time for propagation."

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